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Make eclairs for your friends...

Éclairs are a French pastry made from choux pastry (dough) and pastry cream as a filling. To make perfect éclairs you will first of all need a good recipe and step-by-step guide for preparing the choux pastry.

It’s included in the “Chef’s Eclairs Recipe” you can get at the top of this page… problem solved. :)

To pipe out the eclairs, you can either use a basket weave tube or a round tube. The basket weave tube will give more pleasing results.

Piping out Eclairs 1
Piping out Eclairs 2

Bake the éclairs as described in the guide book until they are golden brown. They will rise during baking and leave lots of empty space (air) inside.

Hmm… I think we should fill that space with delicious pastry cream… :)


Follow the steps outlined in the ebook to prepare the pastry cream.

Eclairs cream filling

Let the pastry cream cool down. If it is gets too thick, whip it with a wire whisk for a short moment before filling the élairs.

If you ever wondered how the pastry cream comes into the éclairs… “Chef’s Eclairs Recipe” shows you how pastry chefs do it.

Custard cream

Finally, dip the filled éclairs in chocolate glaze (made from dark couverture and heavy cream).

What will your friends say when you serve them these perfect éclairs…

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